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Title Effects of the Cross-section Ion-milling on the SSRM Observation of a Lithium
Details HTD-AFM-E003
Overview The current and the electric resistance is measured with AFM by tracing the probe tip over the sample surface. When the roughness of the sample is large, the contact resistance varies resulting in an inaccurate measurement of the electric properties. The Sampling Intelligent Scan (SIS) is a special scanning mode to solve this kind of problem. In this Data Sheet, we will verify electrical resistance distribution differences depending on whether or not the cross-section is ion-milled with SIS-SSRM (Scanning spread resistance microscopy).
Product type ・Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)
・Sample Preparation Devices for TEM/SEM
Field 1 Materials science
Field 2 Nanomaterials / Catalysts / Battery materials / Composite materials / Crystals
Information type Technical Note
Issue date 2018/01/29
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No. HTD-AFM-E003