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Title Cross-section milling Application Data of Dental casting gold-silverpalladium-co
Details HTD-SEM-E083
Overview “Cross-section milling of dental casting gold-silver-palladium-copper alloys using ArBlade5000”

Cross-section of used dental casting gold-silver-palladium-copper alloys was prepared by ion milling. Since latest ion milling system can prepare cross section over 1 mm, crystal structure can be compared over wide range. Grain boundaries around the surface are not as sharp as those inside the texture. Crystals around the surface might have been damaged by mastication.

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Product type ・Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)
・Sample Preparation Devices for TEM/SEM
Field 1 Materials science
Field 2 Metals / Magnetic materials
Information type Technical Data / Data Sheet
Issue date 2018/11/09
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No. HTD-SEM-E083