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Title AFM Investigation of Spatial Distribution of Conductive Additives in Li-Ion
Details HTD-AFM-E029
Overview The ternary transition metal oxides Li(Ni-Mn-Co)O2 has emerged in recent years as a cathode active material for Li-Ion battery. It holds promising applications in the automotive industry due to its high energy, high capacity and good cycle performance. In order to maintain a firm structure and to render a continuous conduction path, conductive additives are routinely incorporated with the composite electrode. Therefore, a good understanding of their distribution is critical.
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Product type Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)
Field 1 Materials science
Field 2 Nanomaterials / Catalysts / Battery materials / Composite materials / Crystals
Information type Technical Data / Data Sheet
Issue date 2020/03/12
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No. HTD-AFM-E029